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Let’s Talk Books!

Welcome to Let’s Talk Books, the official podcast of Robin Van Auken, the Wholehearted Author.

It’s our mission to learn new things and share what works, and who better to help us with this mission than published authors. My generous guests are willing to share important information about their journey to becoming a successful, or soon-to-be-successful published author. That means they’re sharing what works, what doesn’t work, their inspiration and their creative process.

They’re also willing to talk about their failures. This is one of the most important aspects of our interview: failure. We’re also going to discuss taboo topics such as shame, worry, guilt, fear and distress. That’s right, we’re going there, and we’re going to discuss how each and every author handled these negative emotions, overcoming these obstacles, and strived until they were able to reach their goal: becoming published.

We’re also going to talk about work habits, play habits, and how the two are critical to success and happiness. We want to know lessons they’ve learned along their Hero’s Journey, and what has worked for them in the areas of prioritizing time and marketing their books.

Most importantly, however, we’re asking our guests to talk about their success, and if they found a way to create connections with others, especially new writers. Now that they’re reached the pinnacle, has the target changed?

Are they satisfied with their success as a published author? And, if so (or if not), how are they sharing their gift of success? Do they have advice to give to new and struggling writers?

Thank you for joining us at Wholehearted Author where we want to learn new things and share what works, not only for ourselves, but for everyone. A rising tide lifts all boats.


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Let’s Get Ready to Talk About Books

If you’re a published author (self-published or traditionally published), and would like to be interviewed, please start by contacting us with the form below. Thank you for your generosity!