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These articles by Robin Van Auken run the gamut from topics such as Inspiration, Writing, Publication and Promotion.

Other topics, such as Archaeology, Sports,  Travel, History, Science and more, creep in.

Robin is a writer of local history books and contemporary fiction. She lives in  the Highlands of Pennsylvania, and has advanced degrees in Archaeology and Communications.

  • Wholehearted Author with Robin Van Auken: Trash Panda and Raccoons

    Don’t Let Fear Paralyze You

      I live with the fear that all raccoons have rabies. Or distemper. Or cooties and other germs. They're cute, but I avoid them. This despite having a childhood friend who had one as a [...]

  • Wholehearted Author with Robin Van Auken

    Out of Nowhere? Generating New Ideas

    How do you generate ideas? Has it ever been a priority for you? Or do you simply wait for an idea to surface, not wondering how it formed? You may be interested in [...]

  • Wholehearted Author with Robin Van Auken

    The Eager-Beaver Writer

    Are you an Eager Beaver Writer? Does this describe you? This person has wonderful intentions, and after riding the wave of motivation, promises to: Wake up early to write Write 1,000 words per day Learn how [...]

  • Wholehearted Author with Robin Van Auken

    Useful Guide to Free Photos, Media and More

    As a writer, you're not always concerned with visual or audio artwork. It's often secondary to the Muse dictating the story to you. As a Self-Sufficient Author, however, you need media for marketing your author [...]