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Welcome to Wholehearted Author, a sharing platform that embraces the joy of writing, its successes and its failures, and encourages you to be playful, happy and creative.

I’m Robin Van Auken, a published author, researcher and educator, and I help writers learn how to trust their intuition and venture into the world of authorship, book publishing and promotion. My goals are to inspire you to create, to encourage you to be a better writer, and then publish and promote your book with confidence and hope.

I’m a fan of “Learn by Doing” so I’m filling Wholehearted Author with resources and courses to help you achieve your goals. Many of these resources are free, so join my Circle of Writers and Authors and become more joyful, more successful starting today.

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Let’s Talk Books: A Podcast with Published Authors

Let’s Talk Book podcast is curated by Robin Van Auken, the Wholehearted Author.

It’s my mission to learn new things and share what works, and who better to help me with this mission than published authors? My generous guests are willing to share important information about their journey to becoming a successful, or soon-to-be-successful published author. That means they’re sharing what works, what doesn’t work, their inspiration and their creative process.

Most importantly, however, I’m asking my guests to talk about their success, and if they found a way to create connections with others, especially new writers. Now that they’re reached the pinnacle, has the target changed? Are they satisfied with their success as a published author? What advice can they give to new and struggling writers?

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Let's Talk Books with Robin Van Auken of Wholehearted Author

Bestselling Authors Share Secrets of Their Success

Staying focused, sitting at your desk, is your number one job as a writer. 

Ann Patchett

Writing is a long-term investment. If you stick with it, you’ll reach the level of success that you need to.

Walter Mosley

It’s good to have talent and discipline, but there’s really no substitute for self-discipline.

Kathryn Harrison

When embarking on your career, don’t make all other writers your competition.

Armistead Maupin